Paradox 476+ PRO Passive

Use with any control panel

Quality standard indoor passive

Detection range 12 meters 90 degrees


Impact and temperature resistant casing

Patented Digital Motion Detection

Extremely reliable and false-alarm free

Dual Optical Filtering System

UV protected lens

Dual optics (2 dual opposed element sensors)

Indoor & Outdoor Passive

True Pet Immunity,

up to 40kg (90lb)

Two double passive infrared motion detector with eight narrow detection beams

4x dual element sensors arrangement

The distinct beam pattern creates a narrow, 24m  long detection zone (12m  each side), to protect wide horizontal areas such as a house’s perimeter. To avoid detection of unwanted objects, it will only trigger an alarm if both beams are crossed

INDOOR Wireless Passive

Digital microwave detection

Once the PIR validates that a signal meets alarm conditions, Digital Vision uses microwave signals to confirm the results before generating an alarm

Adjustable microwave range

14m X 14m

90° viewing angle