DC Blue Digital / 24V dc

   Electronic limit switch control system for prescise stop/start positioning

   Safer open and closed position control by way of electronic limit switches and advanced load sensing

   Flip-open lid with easy access for bulb replacement, external connections and transmitter programming

   Onboard receiver for remote controlled door operation

   Electronic board with built in ET Blue Keelog© rolling-code receiver

   24 Volt DC motor

   Auto close function

   Safety beams input

   Soft start and stop

   Courtesy light

Garage motors

ET Blue Roll-Up / 24Vdc


24VDC Motor; 24V True battery backup

Powerful 80W motor; Low battery warning indication

No 220V AC input supply warning beeps;Fast speed

Soft start; Quick and easy to fit; Separate control housing

220V light;Locally manufactured PCB and TX

Holiday lock out featur; Additional transmitters can

be added via a pre-programmed remote

Auto close selection; Safety beam input

Ajustable load setting; 2 channel onboard rolling code Rx

Left or right hand fitment; Ideal for limited space

Mechanical limits with easy access; Weight bar (optional extra)

Can be used without battery; Adaptor plate used in automating

other types of domestic roll up door